Looks like the days of the Duron are numbered, and in its place we are going to see the "Athlon FX". Certainly, that's the name that AMD marketting droids have come up with for the new budget CPU line.

"The Athlon FX will be based on the Thorton core, essentially a version of the top-end Athlon XP's Barton core with half the cache: 256KB instead of 512KB. Said sources claim AMD is already pumping the chips out, at 2000+ to 2600+ performance ratings. That's interesting, since the recently leaked AMD press schedule, which pinpointed upcoming Athlon 64 and faster Opteron chip launches appear not to have mentioned the FX."

What I imagine is coming is a time where budget machines will be fitted with cheap 32-bit processors, whereas its 64-bit chips that will provide the horsepower for servers and power user's machines.

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