There aren't any major game releases left this year, but Nvidia are continuing to release new drivers with support for new features. The latest driver, version 361.43 WHQL, includes support for GameWorks VR 1.1.

GameWorks VR 1.1's major new feature is support for SLI in OpenGL apps that run on an Oculus or Vive headset. VR applications can be pretty demanding, so support for multiple GPUs is critical to achieving good performance. Nvidia claims that with VR SLI in OpenGL, gamers can expect performance improvements around the 1.7x mark.

VR SLI works on both GeForce and Quadro graphics cards, allowing those with workstations to also benefit from improved performance in VR workloads. Scaling can be even better than 1.7x in some professional workloads: Nvidia says they've achieved nearly 2x performance in apps like Autodesk VRED while rendering 3D environments.

The new version of GameWorks VR also includes support for the latest Oculus SDK. Meanwhile, the 361.43 drivers are said to address an issue where users with high refresh rate displays were seeing their graphics card idle at a higher-than-usual clock speed when their refresh rate was set to 144 Hz or higher.

As always, you can download the latest Nvidia drivers through GeForce Experience, or grab a manual update from our driver download page here.