Samsung is betting big on the Internet of Things and at the heart of that push is the smart TV, devices with questionable reputations as it relates to security. In an effort to improve its image, Samsung has revealed that its entire 2016 lineup of Tizen-based smart TVs will be secured by a brand new technology.

Gaia is described as a comprehensive three-layer solution designed to offer protection across all areas of a smart TV's ecosystem.

For starters, Gaia encrypts sensitive data transmitted between television sets and Internet of Things servers - an issue that Vizio dealt with just last month. There's also a built-in anti-malware system that blocks suspicious programs from running, a PIN code to protect personal data like payment card information and even a physical hardware chip dedicated to security.

Samsung added that its 2016 SUHD TVs will ship with Internet of Things hub capabilities, allowing them to quite literally serve as the controller for your entire smart home.

Smart TVs have come under fire recently due to lax security and questionable practices. In addition to Vizio's recent trouble, Samsung found itself in a sticky situation early this year over some of the wording used in its smart TV privacy policy.

One of the broad concerns with smart TVs has to do with the fact that many now include microphones and even webcams. The concern is that a skilled hacker could turn these high-tech sets into spying tools as has been demonstrated in the past.