At CES 2016, LG Display is showing off a new flexible OLED display prototype that can be rolled up like a newspaper. These sorts of displays and the technology behind it isn't exactly new, but LG are clearly edging closer to something viable for public release.

While most OLED displays currently on the market, especially those in tablet and smartphone form factors, are produced by Samsung, LG have been working hard on their own collection of OLEDs. The company's engineers have been working on flexible and foldable displays in particular, and this new 18-inch prototype is one of their most intriguing products yet.

LG will also be showing off a 25-inch curved display that's mounted to the interior of a car. Like the prototype roll-up unit, this display also makes use of LG's flexible OLED technology, highlighting how suitable OLEDs are for a variety of interesting applications.

However, LG will be facing some stiff competition in the flexible OLED market. Samsung and Sharp have both shown off similar flexible and curved OLED technology, with all three companies looking to capture new display markets, particularly in the automotive industry where displays of interesting shapes and curves can be put to good use.

The roll-up 18-inch display and car-mounted 25-inch display won't be the only displays shown off at CES 2016 by LG. The company will also show off the first production 8K display, as well as a "paper thin" 55-inch TV and a range of standard consumer-oriented TVs.