Twitter is making it easier for users to view broadcasts from Periscope, the live broadcasting app it acquired last year to compete with Meerkat. The microblogging platform on Tuesday announced that they're adding the ability to watch broadcasts directly within Twitter.

Up to this point, users that clicked a link to watch a Periscope broadcast were prompted to open (or download) the standalone Periscope app to view the feed. Moving forward, the broadcast itself will appear in the timeline (autoplaying within the tweet). Users simply need to tap the video to go full-screen, thus eliminating the need for the standalone Periscope app and associated account.

The change is a long time coming and is good news for all parties involved. For broadcasters, it's almost guaranteed to result in a larger audience each time they go live with a stream. Twitter users will also be more inclined to pop in and check out a broadcast since they no longer have to install the Periscope app and leave the Twitter app.

The new feature is being rolled out to Twitter for iOS over the coming days. Twitter said it is also working on adding the feature to its Android app and on the web although a timetable for debut on those platforms wasn't provided.