Lian Li has a history of creating some really wild cases for enthusiasts of all kind. Are you into trains? No problem. Have an affinity for Buick's old V6 logo? Check. Are you fan of arachnids? Yep. Happen to really like yachts? Lian Li has you covered here, too.

The premium case manufacturer recently showed off a special edition case named the PC-Y6. That's an unassuming name for a yacht-themed computer case but that's exactly what it is.

Available in silver or white brushed aluminum, the chassis supports Mini-ITX boards and has room for two 3.5-inch hard drives as well as two 2.5-inch drives. The case accepts a SFX power supply and can accommodate a graphics card measuring up to 300mm in length as well as a CPU cooler measuring up to 60mm in height. There's also a single 120mm system fan and a three-way color LED lighting kit if you're into that sort of thing.

The case measures 764mm (W) x 293mm (H) x 259mm (D) and tips the scales at 4.9kg (around 10.8 pounds).

Lian Li hasn't yet revealed how much the PC-Y6 will cost (it probably won't be cheap) or when it'll go on sale. We do know, however, that only 500 units are being made (after all, it is a very niche product). If you want one, I'd recommend keeping close tabs on it or perhaps even reach out to Lian Li directly.