Some Android users have noticed a new option in the Google Photos app that should make your life a little easier. DroidLife reports that if you swipe to the Assistant tab, some people have the option to enable a "Jump from Camera to Google Photos" shortcut. If you agree to the change, a tiny circle with the Google Photos logo will show in your camera app whenever you take a new photo. Then, instead of launching the Gallery or another equivalent app, tap the circle and you'll be taken straight to Photos instead.

Google Photos took over for Google+ Photos at the beginning of August 2015, after launching a few months earlier. It has the same features as Google+ Photos, with a few upgrades such as unlimited high-quality uploads and automatic organization. In November, Google Photos for Android got updated with a "Free Up Space" button that will automatically delete photos that you've already backed up to the cloud. A more recent update (as of December 2015) added the ability to collaborate on photo albums - nothing ground-breaking, but it is new to Google Photos.​

Back to the new Android shortcut, DroidLife says they're not sure where the little option came from. Maybe it was "an update we didn't notice or because of a slow server-side rollout." Either way, it seems like a cool, although slightly convoluted workaround for integrating the two apps.