We're all busy, right? And sometimes going to the Play Store is one more step you don't want to take. With this in mind (maybe) Google released a new feature that allows you to install apps right from a Google search.

Android Police reports that the feature isn't available for everyone and like in the Play Store, there's a pop-up permissions window and install button. Links to the Play Store have been included in Google's search results for a long time, but the option to download without having to trek to the Play Store is new.

It's unclear if the feature will only work on your phone from the Google app, and not from the Chrome app. Some users got access about a month ago, but it's not clear exactly when (or to how many users) this feature rolled out. Recently, though, enough people started using the feature to make it more generally known.

This nifty little feature is just another example of how Android is ahead of iOS. It is still impossible to install apps from the web App Store onto your iPhone or iPad. Not to mention that the search function in the App Store is terrible, so finding the app you first found online can be annoying.

So, Android users just cross your fingers that this will be made available for all, and become permanent. And iOS users, don't get too jealous.