Look for an update to Inbox by Gmail today that makes it easier to find information such as addresses, membership numbers and tracking numbers. This update is supposed to improve on Inbox's search tool by showing results in a smarter way. Now when you enter certain queries, a card will pop up with a quick answer rather than a list of emails you have to sort through.

I played around with it for a bit and was pleased overall. For example, I searched for my iTunes receipts and the recurring payment showed up on a card. I didn't have to go into the emails to find the receipt. The search update also quickly pulled up my Southwest frequent flier number (just by typing in "Southwest") and my membership number at a local hotel. If the card isn't what you're looking for, just scroll down for the normal list of search results.

According to Google, Inbox will show quick answer cards for searches about addresses, phone numbers, membership numbers, flights, events, bills, package tracking "and more." There were some searches that I thought should yield a quick card but didn't. For example, when I searched for my internet bill or a recent Target purchase, I just got a list of emails. That said, it's still a clever update and perhaps will improve the longer it's out.