Mark Zuckerberg has some grand goals for Facebook in the future: by 2030, the CEO of the world's largest social network wants five billion users on his service, a significant increase on its current user base.

Most reports currently suggest Facebook has around 1.5 billion monthly active users, which is an impressive figure, but well short of Zuckerberg's target of five billion. With the world's population expected to reach over eight billion in 2030, the target would require Facebook to be used by around sixty percent of the entire world.

Targeting five billion users has a number of additional challenges that go beyond just increasing their user base. The total number of internet users is currently only 3.2 billion, a figure held back by lack of internet access in developing nations. If Facebook is to achieve such a massive user base, it will need to continue to help bring internet access to people who are currently without it.

Facebook already has some initiatives in place to increase internet access around the globe, including the controversial, and a plan to use solar-powered drones to provide internet access to refugee camps.

If Facebook can achieve five billion users by 2030, it will be a significant achievement for the social network and for internet access around the globe.