Coding always gets a little trickier when you're working on a project as a team. Your development group can be spread across different locations, different devices, even completely different operating systems.

That's what makes organizing everyone under the umbrella of a rich, cloud-based, all-inclusive development environment like Codeanywhere so valuable. For the get-it-now price of $59 in the TechSpot Store, you can get all your stakeholders writing, editing and teaming up on the same code from anywhere on practically any conceivable device.

With support for Javascript, PHP, HTML and over 70 other programming languages and capabilities, you can set up your framework in Codeanywhere, then open it up to any number of other users to enjoy a truly collaborative project. It's like Google Docs for web developers...get everybody's input without crashing your work.

With Codeanywhere's cloud-based editor, you, your partner or even online friends or experts can offer feedback, check for errors or even run your program without locking everyone else out. Whether you're working on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, there's an interface to help you take advantage of Codeanywhere's robust customization functions and work under your optimal conditions. Set up multiple cursors, shifting color schemes, modifiable layouts – whatever you need to do your best work.

Codeanywhere helps you code the way you want to code, and at 76% off its MSRP for a three-year subscription, it's worth checking out one of the simplest, yet most powerful development environments on the web.