We're on the show floor at MWC 2016 and took the time to check out some of the biggest smartphone launches: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the LG G5 and its removable slot-loading battery, the Xperia X range, and the all new Elite x3 Windows Phone from HP.

There's more to see in the video, but here are some quick thoughts on each handset:

  • The LG G5's metal body is a nice change over the G4, but I don't think the removable battery or the other slot accessories are particularly compelling
  • The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are both beautiful devices, and even though nothing about these phones is really surprising or innovative, they're extremely well made and performance is great.
  • The Xperia X stands out from the crowd with new camera features, including predictive autofocus and ultra-fast camera launching.
  • The Xperia X Performance is even better than the X because it swaps the Snapdragon 650 for a flagship Snapdragon 820, adding in water proofing as well
  • The Xperia XA has beautifully slim bezels and a surprisingly nice feel to it, although the specification list is nothing to get excited by.
  • The HP Elite x3 is the first truly compelling Windows 10 Mobile handset, making great use of Continuum in a product aimed at the enterprise.