For the past 14 months, Swedish band Wintergatan has been constructing a huge, elaborate machine that plays an entire song using marbles. They've just released a video that shows the song and machine in action, and it's pretty incredible.

Most of the machine is made from custom fabricated wood parts, including large gears and levers, along with metal rods and even some Lego parts. When the crank is turned on the right-hand side, the machine starts shooting marbles at a glockenspiel and several drums, and even allows a musician to play bass without strumming.

The Marble Machine appears to be customizable - the Lego Technic pins that dictate what notes are played could potentially be removed - but at this stage Wintergatan has only released one song. It's also worth watching the video below that shows how the machine was made over the course of more than a year.

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