While the Division isn't launching until tomorrow, Reddit data miners have already been digging through the game files of the third-person RPG shooter and discovered some interesting details.

Ubisoft's title is currently available to pre-load, which has allowed fans to search through it and uncover 200,000 audio files, mission names, cutscene and weapon lists, and references to boss fights and DLCs.

There's no guarantee that the data is 100 percent accurate and some of the conclusions drawn from it may not be correct, but anyone who wants to play the full game without any spoilers may want to look away.

The most significant detail is that the game will apparently ship with 26 main story missions. There are also several references to Brooklyn, which could either be part of some future DLC or a mission area from the game's prologue (or both).

Being a shooter, The Division obviously comes with a pretty large arsenal of firearms for players to enjoy. The data miner has produced a handy spreadsheet containing all 139 of them, which includes variations of the classic AK 47, the M4, and Magnum.

A couple of DLC missions have also been discovered; one called 'The Drones' and the other 'Kill the Tank.' Additionally, there are references to various vehicles found within the game, including waterplanes, APCs, and helicopters with minigun turrets. There are also mentions of a fourth Russian faction called Bratva and suicide dogs, but these may have been cut.

For those who really don't care about game spoilers, check out the video below that examines all the data that has been mined from The Division, including some end story content found in the audio files.

The Division officially launches on March 8 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.