Google is launching a new feature for mobile that aims to make planning a trip or vacation a whole lot easier. With 'Destinations on Google,' you can pick where to go, book dates, organize accommodation, and even check out popular itineraries from previous visitors.

The Destinations feature has been slowly arriving over the last few weeks. It is triggered by certain mobile Google searches, such as "European destinations." If you want to find a location based on specific activities, you can search for terms like "Colorado Skiing" or "New Zealand Hiking."

The feature will also appear when searching for a specific country, state, city, or other destination.

When you select a city from those presented in the grid, you'll be shown a slew of information regarding the location, which includes algorithm-based and editorially curated highlights and itinerary suggestions. From here, you can find out what are the hottest and most popular months, the various cultural sites and activities, when the cheapest flights are available, and all the possible hotels you can stay in.

Once you decide on your destination, Google lets you tailor your travel details. After you set the date and pick the airline, you'll be sent to the appropriate website to make the actual booking.

There are currently 201 cities worldwide that are covered by Destinations, but more will be added as time goes on.

Google said that part of the reason it introduced Destinations was because of the mobile platform's 50 percent spike in travel-related questions last year. Quite how many people will be willing to use the feature to actually book a ticket, as opposed to using a desktop, remains to be seen. But even if you don't want to pay for your vacation with Destinations on Google, it's still a great mobile feature for investigating future trip locations.

Check out the video below to see more of Destinations on Google.