Apple Pay is looking to expand beyond iOS applications and into mobile web payments, according to the latest report from Re/code. The payment service is set to expand to websites "later this year", allowing shoppers to purchase goods and services through a simple tap of TouchID rather than through entering credit card information.

In typical Apple fashion, Apple Pay for websites will be restricted to iPhones and iPads with TouchID that make purchases through Safari. The company is considering expanding this to include Apple notebooks and desktops as well, although these devices currently don't support TouchID, and it's not clear if Apple Pay for websites will launch with support for these devices.

As for timing, it appears as though Apple is preparing to roll out this expansion before the holiday shopping season at the end of the year. Re/code says that some potential partners are currently being informed of Apple's plans, and while it could be announced at WWDC in the middle of the year, that time frame hasn't been confirmed.

If Apple Pay allows iPhone users to pay for products using TouchID, it would compete directly with PayPal as a streamlined payment processing solution for online shopping. At this point PayPal is widely used throughout online stores, but it's market share could be impacted if Apple attempts to enter this market.

Of course Apple's scope for competing with PayPal is limited as Apple Pay only works on Apple devices, which are a small segment of the market overall. However, any expansion will make Apple Pay a more useful and convenient solution for consumers with Apple products, especially if its supported by popular retailers.