AT&T recently said it would be increasing the monthly data caps on its U-verse Internet service in addition to introducing an unlimited option that would do away with data caps entirely. The catch, however, isn’t so great for cord-cutters or cord-nevers.

AT&T Internet customers that subscribe to its slowest speed tiers (768Kbps – 6Mbps) will see their data caps raised to 300GB. Those on middle-tier plans (12Mbps – 75Mbps) will be bumped up to 600GB of data allowed each month while premium subscribers (100Mbps – 1Gbps) are allowed up to 1TB of data per month.

Up to this point, customers on entry-level and mid-range tiers had 250GB at their disposal while those on 100Mbps or faster connections had to deal with a 500GB data cap.

Customers that subscribe to AT&T U-verse TV or DirecTV service on the same bill as their U-verse Internet will automatically get unlimited Internet data at no extra charge. Internet-only customers that want unlimited data can add it for an additional $30 per month.

AT&T points out that customers can decide to switch to unlimited data at any time, even in the middle of a billing cycle. Customers that go over their monthly data allowance will receive an additional 50GB for $10. If you go over your data cap by more than 150GB in any given month, it’d make sense to switch to the unlimited plan to avoid additional overages.

AT&T said the changes will take place starting May 23.