Amazon Prime is an incredibly useful service, assuming of course that you make use of enough of its benefits to make it worth the $99 annual cost of admission. But what if you only use Amazon a few times a year, like during the holidays to buy gifts for friends and family?

If you happen to be a Sprint wireless subscriber, there's now an option to use Amazon Prime that doesn't require a $99 year-long membership.

Sprint revealed on Thursday that customers can now purchase Amazon Prime as a $10.99 add-on to their monthly wireless bill. The monthly subscription offers up the same perks that year-long subscribers enjoy including free two-day shipping, access to the Kindle Owners' Lending Library and 20 percent off new physical video game purchases in addition to access to Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Photos.

Some of the perks are obviously more desirable than others and heavy Prime users won't benefit from a monthly option but for those that only occasionally do business with Amazon, the new option makes a lot of sense.

A traditional Prime membership is $99 which works out to $8.25 per month over the course of a year. Conversely, 12 months through Sprint will set you back $131.88. Doing the math, we see that you can get nine months of Prime from Sprint for $98.91. So in other words, if you use Amazon Prime for nine months or less out of the year, it's cheaper to buy individual months through Sprint.