Google Calendar is turning 10 years old today and to celebrate the service is getting a new mobile feature called Goals. As the name suggest, the new functionality lets you set a personal goal, and Google Calendar will automatically scan daily schedules to figure out the most appropriate timeslots for your self-betterment tasks.

Some preloaded goals examples to get you started include "Exercise" and "Build a Skill," but users can also make custom goals. The app will ask how many days a week you want to dedicate to this goal and what time of day is generally best for you and you're good to go.

Time set aside for goals will dynamically adjust based on any other tasks that you add to your schedule. If a meeting pops up around the time you normally workout, Calendar will bump it until after your meeting or the next day. The app will also learn from your interaction with goals and adjust depending on whether you often defer or complete a goal at a specific time or day, making it better at scheduling the more you use it.

With all the things you need to do in a given week it's often hard to find time for things that matter to you personally, this new tool might come in handy to make better use of your free time. That said, goal scheduling currently only takes into account tasks added to Google Calendar directly and not those imported/synced from other calendaring services.

Goals are available in all countries and languages where Calendar is supported, the feature should be rolling out in Calendar 5.4 for iOS and Android now.