One of Bethesda's key goals with Fallout 4 was to make it easier and more accessible than ever for both players and creators to mod the game. In February, Bethesda director, designer and producer Todd Howard said official mod support for Fallout 4 would arrive in April.

Bethesda and Howard have delivered on that promise with the launch of the Creation Kit, the same tool it used to create Fallout 4.

In a blog post announcing its arrival, Bethesda said gamers can browse available mods by either selecting Mods from the game's main menu or online at Bethesda's website.

Those that want to try their hand at modding (which Bethesda encourages) will need to download the Creation Kit via the launcher. Bethesda also points to the Creation Kit Wiki as a repository for various documentation and help files with details and tips on how to get started.

Official mod support is currently only available on the PC through Steam as a beta. To get the necessary update, you'll want to log into Steam, right click on Fallout 4 in your library then select properties - betas. In the drop-down menu, again select beta and within a few minutes, your installation should update and will be displayed as Fallout 4 [Beta] in your Steam library.

Third-party mods have been a part of Fallout 4 since the beginning although official support really simplifies and streamlines the process. The publisher said it built and implemented an all-new system with that it describes as a huge leap forward.

Bethesda says mod support will be available for the Xbox One next month and the PlayStation 4 come June.