Few mobile devices are as iconic as Motorola's Razr V3. Originally released in the third quarter of 2004, the impossibly thin flip phone was an instant hit in the pre-smartphone era. Motorola ultimately sold more than 130 million units, making it one of the best-selling mobile phones of all time.

Now, it would appear as though Motorola is planning to reincarnate the popular clamshell.

Motorola, now a Lenovo-owned company, recently posted a YouTube video described as a look back to the Razr days of yesterday. The clip depicts a high school hallway featuring the stereotypical groups of kids, all sporting a Razr flip phone. The video ends with the Motorola logo and a date: June 9, 2016.

The date points to Lenovo Tech World, the company's own tech conference that'll take place in San Francisco.

Just to clarify, the video doesn't actually confirm that we'll see a new Razr clamshell next month so everything at this point is pure speculation. That said, the general consensus around the web is that Lenovo may have updated the Razr to run Android on modern hardware. The clamshell form factor as-is would limit the amount of screen real estate and the physical buttons would also be out of place in today's tech landscape.

Regarding the latter, it's possible that the new Razr may ditch the keypad for a second screen. Either way, we should know for sure in just a few short weeks.