OtterBox carved out a nice niche for itself at the dawn of the smartphone era but as global markets near saturation, the Fort Collins-based mobile accessory maker is turning to a new product line for continued success.

As you've no doubt discovered on your own, heavy-duty smartphone cases like those from OtterBox are great at protecting your device but can really limit the types of mobile accessories you may want to use. An aftermarket lens kit, for example, isn't really going to work with an OtterBox. Now, there's a solution.

On Tuesday, OtterBox announced the Universe case system for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus. Universe is essentially a modular accessory system that allows users to easily attach a variety of accessories to their smartphone without having to remove the underlying protective case.

The one big "catch" is that modules must be designed specifically for the Universe system although given OtterBox's status in the industry, that shouldn't pose too much of an issue. In fact, the case maker has already partnered with several others including Square, SanDisk and Olloclip to provide accessories like card readers, external storage and aftermarket lenses, respectively, with plans to add additional partners in the near future.

The Universe case system is available as of writing. Expect to pay $49.95 for the iPhone 6/6s chassis or $59.95 for the larger iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus variant. Announced modules range in price from $19.99 to $249 depending on which you choose.