As we reported a few days ago, has unleashed its online music service called, offering songs at $0.79 each and $7.95 for a full album, beating those rates from indirect competitor Apple's iTunes.

And when I say indirect competitor, I mean it, BuyMusic relies a lot on Microsoft technology, its infrastructure is based on .Net, it's catered to Windows users only, it features Windows Media Player as a preferred playback program, and hear this... works for Internet Explorer users only!
Anyway, we will further report on how BuyMusic business goes in the coming weeks, executives I'm sure are expecting iTunes-like success at the very least with no competition on the Windows side yet.

Update: I'm hearing that not all songs & albums are subject to the same limitations or even prices (which is bad), for example while some albums can be burned/transferred unlimited times, there are others limited to 5 or so burns... in the other hand, iTunes works on a flat deal which IMO works better.