Augmented reality and virtual reality are incredibly promising with regard to gaming and entertainment in general but personally, I'm more interested in these technologies as productivity tools. From the very moment I heard about such devices, I immediately envisioned how they might be used to help get work done.

With HoloLens, Microsoft is catering to my exact demographic. Sure, there are gaming apps like Minecraft and RoboRaid but it's the practical apps that really get me excited like those recently announced by Microsoft's Outlook team.

Outlook Mail for HoloLens lets you place your inbox directly on your office wall, allowing users to say on top of messages while interacting with other digital content in the real world. The Calendar app offers the same sort of flexibility and the great thing about them is that you can resize them vertically to see more content at once without having to rotate your monitor 90-degrees.

To try the new apps, simply visit the Windows Store on HoloLens and search for Outlook Mail and Calendar.

Don't have a HoloLens? You can get a Developer Edition but it'll cost you a cool three grand. If that's too much to swallow (I don't blame you), you'd probably do best to wait until the consumer version arrives at which time I suspect the price will come down significantly. There's also the possibility that some of these apps might find their way to Microsoft's rumored VR system for Xbox One but that's pure speculation at this point.