Saints Row creator Volition on Monday announced a new open-world action game called Agents of Mayhem. The developer partnered with IGN to debut the title as part of its monthly IGN First series.

As the publication explains, Agents of Mayhem follows Volition’s familiar recipe for success with an urban landscape and open-world action. In this single-player game, you’ll assume the role of three special agents – Marina Santos, nicknamed Fortune, a sky pirate captain, US Navy Command Ishmael “Hardtack” Funderburke and Rod Stone, a bounty hunter / reality TV star that goes by the name Hollywood.

Details are somewhat scarce at this time but we do know that gamers will use the skills of each character to fight the forces of evil. IGN describes it as a game featuring characters with cool guns, gadgets and abilities to tinker with although admittedly, it’s much more than that.

As part of the First series, IGN plans to break down the reveal trailer through the eyes of a developer, reveal gameplay footage, preview the game based on hands-on time, provide a look inside Volition and the making of the game plus much more as the month plays out.

The publication also teases that there may be a connection to the Saints Row universe, an interesting proposition if it turns out to be true.

Speaking of, Volition is of course best known for its work on the Saints Row franchise. Its latest release, the standalone expansion Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, arrived in 2015.