Lenovo unveiled several new products at its Tech World 2016 event today but perhaps the ones that stand out the most represent the company's vision of the future.

Manufacturers have been working on bendable / flexible display technology for years. The problem they're currently facing isn't so much the display itself but the supporting components. A smartphone with a flexible screen, for example, is pretty much useless if it's mated to a non-flexible chassis / motherboard / battery.

At Tech World, Lenovo briefly demonstrated both a flexible phone that goes around your wrist like snap bracelets of yesteryear and a flexible tablet that folds in half to use as a phone (or is it the other way around?).

Technically, Lenovo had screenwriter and producer Meghan McCarthy show off the gadgets but that's beside the point. Based on their brief appearance, the devices seemed to work - or at least, their displays did. CTO Peter Hortensius quickly walked through the technology including the other flexible components I mentioned earlier before moving along.

Hortensius noted that these aren't actual products yet so unfortunately, it'll be a while still before fully flexible phones hit store shelves... at least, from Lenovo.