It’s not uncommon for groups of friends to band together while playing games online, signifying their alliance through the use of a common tag affixed to their online handle. Later this year, Microsoft will be taking that concept and running with it courtesy of a new feature called “clubs.”

Once live, users will be able to create clubs with specific guidelines for admission. As Mike Ybarra, director of program management at Xbox notes, clubs is sort of their version of guilds and clans in MMOs.

Features like persistent chat will make it easier for everyone to hang out online, even if members aren’t all playing the same game. Players will have full control over membership parameters. For example, if someone swears in a club that bans swearing, they may be booted from the group. Of course, everyone will have to abide by Xbox Live’s code of conduct which prohibits things like hate speech and other forms of bullying.

Clubs won’t be limited to the Xbox One, either. Microsoft says it’ll release an app for Android and iOS that’ll allow users to partake in club activities on the go.

In addition to clubs, Microsoft is also working on a feature called Looking for Groups that’ll allow gamers to find like-minded players. Think of it more along the lines of a message board. If you want to play some Call of Duty multiplayer but limit the action to melee weapons, simply create a post in the game hub with that description and let others find you.

The new functionality will arrive this fall as part of the Xbox One October update.