Use of the popular BitTorrent technology for downloads, especially illegal ones of copyrighted media, has really been on the rise recently. This is mainly due to the stability of the downloads, which is far superior IMHO to Kazaa, and of course its got certain parties quite worried.

And people should be worried. In this reporter’s opinion, the healthy flow of DVD rips, music, games and all sorts of other goodies has never been so good as since the lovely BitTorrent came on to the scene. But of course, that’s illegal. Never forget that. But the difference these days is that one thinks that the retaliation is just as illegal in nature. Denial of service attacks? ISPs bullied into shutting accounts down? Black hat hacking? The dark cavalcade of revenge goes on and on and on….

Its almost like a campaign of retribution. Attack. Attack. Attack. Download Paradise, and some others just gone.

"Sorry to everyone for this, but I have no other choice," said a message on a public BitTorrent-themed discussion board attributed to the site's owner. "I wish I could keep it up, it's been really great, even though it's been a constant struggle."

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