Interactive drama action-adventure games like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain are among the best quick time event titles currently available. Fans of this genre will be happy to learn that Quantic Dream, developer of Heavy Rain, is working on a brand new game that looks incredibly compelling.

Detroit: Become Human was first revealed at Paris Games Week last October albeit in a completely different light. Whereas the debut trailer focused on an android named Kara that had become self-aware, the latest trailer follows an android by the name of Connor who appears to be a hostage negotiator.

This new trailer puts the quick time event gameplay front and center, mixing in what could be perceived as alternate realities or even time travel. Players will be faced with all sorts of moral and ethical dilemmas, all of which appear to affect the outcome in different ways.

If you loved those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid, this looks like it'll be right up your alley.

It's worth noting that both Kara and Connor end their trailers with the same phrase, "This is our story." How exactly this will all play out - and how Connor fits into the overall story of the game - is unknown at this time. Heavy Rain put gamers in control of several characters which may be how Detroit works.

There's an abundance of potential here but either way, I'm sold.

No release date was provided and this appears to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.