Secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap announced a partnership with Lucasfilm's ILMxLAB at the Wired Business Conference in New York City on Thursday.

As Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz explained, they'll be creating a semi-secret joint lab within ILM's headquarters in San Francisco. The partnership has been years in the making and thanks to a new teaser video featuring beloved Star Wars characters C-3PO and R2-D2, we get our best look yet at what the mysterious AR platform is capable of.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that everything was shot directly through Magic Leap technology with no post-processing necessary.

ILMxLAB CTO Rob Bredow said they've built some really crazy moments, some involving one-to-one scale ships and characters which make you suddenly feel like you're actually there. He said the ultimate goal is to take the vast persistent Star Wars universe including the sprawling paracosm that the movies are just a slice of and make it come alive.

Lucasfilm forms its ILMxLAB last year, tasked with creating virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences.

Specific consumer-facing experiences weren't discussed nor do we really know much more about the technology powering Magic Leap. The startup, which launched in 2010, has raised $1.4 billion to date from investors including Alibaba Group and Google. It has been criticized at times for being a bit too secretive but that clearly hasn't hampered its position with investors.