It's been officially revealed that the Steam Summer Sale is almost upon us. Yet again, the news doesn't come from Valve itself but from PayPal, which revealed that the event will commence at 9:45 AM PT on June 23.

As was the case with Steam's Autumn and Winter sales, it was the online payments giant that unveiled the start date. This time, however, PayPal's actions seems to have been given Valve's blessing, whereas the previous reveals were "accidental."

"Brace yourself. We can exclusively reveal that the Steam summer sale will go live on 23rd June. Now you know when it's going to happen, you can get ready for the savings," wrote PayPal in an email to IGN. The company's UK branch also announced the sale's start date on its official Twitter account.

There was no mention of how long the sale would last, but the June 23 date matches the one revealed by MrFreemanBBQ on Reddit last month. The Russian game developer's screenshot also showed that the sale will end on July 4, so an independence day finish seems likely.

Valve got rid of its daily and flash sales format, which offered even deeper savings on titles for a limited time, for its Autumn and Winter events. While some have speculated that these may return in the upcoming sale, it seems highly unlikely; especially as the Winter Sale brought in nearly double what last year's Summer Sale generated.

The event will see the usual $20 - $30 discounts on a number of newer games, with even bigger reductions on older titles and indies. We can also expect to see plenty of deals on VR games and possibly on some Valve products like the Steam controller and Steam Link, though I wouldn't expect the Vive to be discounted so early after release.