Autonomous driving aids have made parallel parking much less of a hassle… that is, if you have a newer car equipped with the proper technology. If you’re rocking an older ride, you still need to master the technique yourself or follow in the footsteps of YouTube user William Liddiard and outfit your car with omnidirectional wheels.

In the video’s description, Liddiard said he had to use the materials he had on hand (aka, lots of improvisation) and work on it sparingly when he could find the time. The system supplies 24,000 pounds of torque directly to the wheels and although it is a proof-of-concept prototype, Liddiard said the wheels are designed to be used in all weather and road conditions.

Back in March, Goodyear unveiled a set of spherical, levitating concept tires that essentially do the same thing albeit on a much more polished and advanced scale.

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