Comcast and Netflix have reached an agreement in which the latter’s streaming service will be integrated into the cable provider’s latest set-top box. The two revealed the partnership to Re/code after being asked to comment on rumors.

Sources familiar with the matter tell the publication that the specifics of the deal will be similar to those that Netflix has reached with smaller cable operators in the US and larger providers internationally. Neither company was willing to discuss financial terms of the deal.

Roughly a third of Comcast’s cable subscribers use its X1 set-top box, the only one that Netflix will be compatible with. By the end of the year, Comcast hopes to get the X1 into half of its cable homes.

Given Netflix’s ubiquitous nature, it’s easy to glance over the importance of this deal. Netflix has been interested in getting its streaming app onto cable set-top boxes for years but only lately have cable operators warmed to the idea.

Watching Netflix on the big screen today typically means switching over to a standalone set-top box like those from Amazon, Apple or Roku or relying on a mobile device. Things are a bit easier if you’ve got a smart TV with the Netflix app although having Netflix right there on the X1 box will further simplify the process and eliminate the need for additional remotes.

The duo said they still have a lot of work to do before the service rolls out to customers later this year.

Image courtesy Reuters