Verizon on Wednesday announced that it’ll soon be increasing the cost of its wireless data plans by as much as $10 per month. The price hike includes at least 30 percent more data per month as well as a couple of other perks exclusive to higher-tier subscribers.

Beginning July 7 (tomorrow), Verizon’s smallest data plan, dubbed “S,” will include 2GB of high-speed data at a price of $35, a $5 increase. It’s “M” plan for $50 will now feature 4GB of data while the “L” bundle affords 8GB for $70. The top tier “XL” and “XXL” plans will offer 16GB and 24GB of data for $90 and $100, respectively.

Verizon simplified its rate plans last summer, adopting a S-XXL structure like you'd find on clothing.

Also new for Verizon is Carryover Data, a feature that rolls over unused data from one month to the next. Like AT&T’s Rollover Data offering, rolled data will expire at the end of the month it was rolled to versus something like T-Mobile’s plan where rolled over data lasts up to a year.

Verizon is also introducing Safety Mode which kicks in whenever you’ve used up your monthly data allotment. Safety Mode data is slow – limited to 128kbps – and comes with a $5 fee each month it is used. If you’re on the XL or XXL plans, however, Safety Mode is complementary. If you prefer high-speed data outside of your plan, it’ll cost you $15 per GB.

Another perk with the two high-end tiers is unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico plus talk, text and data usage while traveling in those countries. Those on lower-tier plans will have to pay $5 a month for calling to those countries and $2 a day while traveling north and south of the border.

Last but not least, the nation’s largest wireless provider has updated its My Verizon mobile app which provides access to data plans, monthly statements, Verizon’s online store, on-demand support and more.

The new data plans will be available to both new and existing customers. Those who prefer to stick with their current data plan can opt to be grandfathered in.