The threats grow increasingly pronounced – online security and the protection of mobile devices and your private information should be a top concern. A bundle of these security protections are now available together with this Total Privacy Bundle featuring complete lifetime VPN coverage from VPN Unlimited, as well as a year of phone anonymity with a subscription to KeepSolid Phones. This package is now available for 91% off the retail price in the TechSpot Store.

Many VPN customers complain of hobbled internet speeds as a result of VPN networks that funnel all traffic through over-taxed networks. But VPN Unlimited offers unlimited, blisteringly fast, and secure connectivity through 53 server locations in 39 countries. And while your online traffic will flow freely, VPN Unlimited's true calling card is its iron-clad encryption coverage, shielding all your online activity 24/7 on up to five devices.

With your web movements protected, you can also turn your attention to securing your private phone calls and text messages with a one-year subscription to KeepSolid Phones. KeepSolid offers up to three private U.S. or Canadian phone numbers, providing for unlimited anonymous calling or text messaging.

KeepSolid's VolP-based app for iPhone and Android encrypts all calls and texts, so no one can track or exploit your personal correspondence. With the one-time-only service fee, users will also never have to suffer through long-distance call fees (there aren't any) or roaming charges.

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