Google is currently working on a new Google Play Family Library plan that will allow a user to share any of the apps, movies, TV shows or books they purchase with up to six other users.

The setup for the Google Play Family Library is pretty similar to Apple's Family Sharing plan. The main account holder designates another five accounts to join their family group, all of whom can access every Google Play purchase made by the account. If one of the six users wants to purchase something new, they can do that with ease, and it's automatically shared with everyone else.

As the Family Library is designed for families, there will be safeguards to lock out children (or any user) from downloading specific apps, movies or books to keep things family friendly.

To set up an account, you'll be required to enter a credit card for purchases that is linked to the entire family group. A receipt will be sent to the primary account holder whenever a purchase is made by any of the group's users, to avoid any unexpected expenses and to give the cardholder time if they want to cancel a purchase.

The Google Play Family Library will begin rolling out to users in select countries later this month. It will sit alongside the Google Play Music family plan as a way to make sharing content easy among a group of users, although the Google Play Family Library will be free to use.