It's a big day for releases at Nvidia, with the company launching their first ever video game, VR Funhouse, alongside their unique and powerful screenshotting tool called Ansel. A new GeForce graphics card driver has been released as well with Game Ready support for a collection of VR titles.

Nvidia VR Funhouse is a free virtual reality game for the HTC Vive that has been developed as a showcase of Nvidia's VR technology. Built using Unreal Engine 4, VR Funhouse demonstrates a number of VRWorks and GameWorks technologies, including FleX particle-based simulations, Nvidia Flow fluid simulations, HairWorks, PhysX, and Multi-Res Shading.

Playing VR Funhouse will require an immensely powerful gaming rig. To run the game just on 'low' settings, you'll need to have a GeForce GTX 1060, 1070, 980 Ti, or Titan X in your system. If you have a GTX 1080, you can play at medium quality, while high quality requires a single GTX 1080 or two GTX 1070s, Titan Xs, or 980 TIs in SLI. On top of that, GPU PhysX effects require a dedicated GTX 980 Ti or greater.

If you have a system capable of playing VR Funhouse, and you have a HTC Vive, the game can be downloaded now from Steam for free.

Also launching today is Nvidia's Ansel screenshotting tool, which gives gamers free control over the in-game camera to position and frame perfect screenshots. The tool supports extremely high resolutions, 360-degree screenshots, and even virtual reality screenshots, along with a number of image effects.

The catch is that Ansel can only be activated in supported games. At launch, the only game that supports Ansel is Mirror's Edge Catalyst, although Nvidia is working on support for other titles like The Witcher 3. To use Ansel, you'll need to install the latest Nvidia drivers and game updates for Mirror's Edge Catalyst, then press Alt+F2 during gameplay.

And finally, Nvidia has released the GeForce 368.81 WHQL-certified graphics card drivers, which are Game Ready for a collection of VR titles: VR Funhouse, Raw Data, Obduction, Everest VR, and The Assembly. This driver can be downloaded automatically though GeForce Experience, or manually through our driver download section.