Warner Bros. is currently working on a movie based off the popular dating app Tinder. The romantic comedy with action elements, tentatively titled "Worst Tinder Date Ever," will follow two people in the Los Angeles area that go on a Tinder date that's, shall we say, less than perfect. Even through all the turmoil, the two end up falling for each other.

The film is being written by Keith Merryman and David A. Newman, best known for scripting "Friends with Benefits" and "Think Like a Man." They also recently wrote Lionsgate's remake of "Instructions Not Included" which is the highest-grossing Spanish-language movie ever released in the US.

Video game-to-film adaptations are quite common these days but this may very well be the first app-to-movie adaptation - at least, that I'm aware of (which doesn't say much considering I'm not a movie buff).

Denise Di Novi and Alison Greenspan will produce the film through their production company, Di Novi Pictures. Niija Kuykendall and Julia Spiro are overseeing the project for the studio with sources telling The Hollywood Reporter that the inspiration for the film came from one of Spiro's own bad dates.

Tinder doesn't appear to be involved in any way with the film although I can't imagine that they'd be upset over a free advertising opportunity. No word yet on when it'll be heading to theaters or what rating it'll carry. Considering the app recently changed its terms of service to ban those under the age of 18, my guess is that it'll be R-rated.

Image courtesy dennizn, Shutterstock