Verizon Wireless isn't happy with a small group of customers, still on now-discontinued unlimited data plans, who consume an "extraordinary amount of data" every month. This group will have to migrate to a limited data package, or face service disconnection.

Unlimited data used to be a key component of Verizon's more expensive services, however the company stopped offering these plans to new customers around five years ago. Those who saw the value in unlimited data have resisted switching to newer, capped services, instead remaining on unlimited data plans on a month-to-month basis.

Verizon has finally had enough of some unlimited data customers taking full advantage of their 'unlimited' plans. The company has notified a "very small group" who use more than 100 GB per month that they must migrate to a new Verizon plan by August 31, 2016, or they will have their service disconnected.

The largest Verizon plan currently comes with 100 GB of data and costs $450 per month, so the heaviest users will have to cut back their data usage even if they migrate to the most expensive plan. Alternatively, heavy users will rack up significant overage fees on top of the already-expensive high data plans.

Customers who don't migrate to a capped service by August 31, and thus get disconnected, will have 50 days to reactivate their account on a new plan.

These changes to the unlimited data plan will only affect a very small subset of Verizon's customer base. Less than one percent of all customers have an unlimited plan, and even fewer use more than 100 GB per month.