One of Nickelodeon's most popular game shows, Legends of the Hidden Temple, is making a comeback in more than one way.

At San Francisco Comic-Con this week, Nickelodeon unveiled a Legends of the Hidden Temple VR experience that takes players inside the hollowed temple… well, sort of. Instead of recreating the set from the ‘90s game show, the VR tour utilizes the set of the upcoming Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie.

Yep, that’s apparently a thing.

CNET’s Mike Sorrentino recently got to try the VR demo using a Samsung Gear VR headset. The show’s former host, Kirk Fogg, serves as the tour guide (he’ll also be in the upcoming movie). From there, you meet the show’s most popular “character,” the stone-faced Olmec (keeper of the temple) who tells you that you must complete a discovery game or be locked inside the temple for eternity.

Jaime Dictenberg, senior vice president of consumer marketing for Nickelodeon, said they created the 360-degree video as a way to maximize the set built for the upcoming TV movie. He said the experience is designed to acclimate new audiences to something they might not know and give seasoned veterans one last temple run.

Nickelodeon plans to release the full VR experience this weekend. In the meantime, the short snippet above will have to hold you over.