Hideo Kojima made an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, tweeting beforehand: "We recommend to watch, as we might have something new to show you." Suggesting we may get a glimpse of the mysterious 'Death Stranding.'

While the Metal Gear Solid Maestro did technically show off the first half-a-minute of his upcoming title, the same 30 seconds of footage will precede all future Kojima Productions games.

We still haven't seen any gameplay footage from Death Stranding; instead, Kojima unveiled his company's logo movie - a short clip that will play before each of his titles. Unsurprisingly, it's as extravagant as you'd expect from Kojima, with its otherworldly/underwater setting and leaping holographic whale.

The spacesuited figure in the clip is Ludens, the Kojima Productions mascot (modeled on Kojima, apparently) who, as reported by Polygon, is getting his own line of action figures.

"At first it looks like Ludens is underwater, his footprints are there," said Kojima, via a translator. "He looks like he's walking in the ocean or somewhere, the whole idea is to go somewhere he ever been to, then you have something big crossing in front of the character."

"You're led to believe it was the ocean, but it turns out it's a different planet. Then you have the flag, and the huge whale that has an effect that makes it hard to see if it's real or not. The whole idea is the thing that crossed Ludens tries to play with Ludens when he plants his flag. It gets really boring when you explain it all."

The game director also confirmed that Ludens wouldn't be making an appearance in Death Stranding.

Kojima recently said that the title, which features Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, would be the best game he has ever made. But we'll have a long wait to find out how accurate this is; he recently revealed the game was "far from being released."