Valve's Dota 2 tournament set an incredible record prize pool of $18,429,613 last year. That's an insane amount of money but the record has once again been broken with roughly two weeks to go.

The ticker on the Dota 2 championship page currently lists a prize pool of $18,497,774 as of writing, surpassing last year's record by nearly $70,000. How high the total will climb before the event kicks off next month is anyone's guess. Could it break $20 million? We'll see.

Tickets for the event, which will be hosted at Seattle's KeyArena, went on sale in April. Options include a $75 mid-week ticket that grants admission to the first four days of the event and includes the opening ceremony as well as the All-Star match.

If you want to watch the finals, you'll need to shell out $100 for a Finals ticket that grants access to the last two days of the tourney. Both ticket options can be purchased simultaneously although there doesn't appear to be a discount if you spring for both.

Optionally, those that only get mid-week tickets can watch the last two days of the tournament at an outdoor viewing area for free. Just note that it's Seattle we're talking about, a city that gets a lot of rain.

As always, attendees will have the opportunity to score some unique in-game items. At First Blood in each game, 500 "Attendee Treasures" will drop that contain visually-unique versions of this year's Secret Shop Immortals. To get the drop, you'll be required to link your badge to your Steam account and be inside the arena when First Blood takes place.

The International Dota 2 Championships kicks off on August 8 and runs through August 13.