Apple CEO Tim Cook has finally confirmed what many in the tech industry have suspected all along. That, of course, is the fact that Apple is actively developing augmented reality technology behind closed doors.

Computer World points out that Cook recently revealed that they have been and will continue to invest a lot in the category of augmented reality, adding that they are high on AR for the long run and think there’s great things for customers as well as a great commercial opportunity.

Cook further said that the number one thing is to make sure their products work well with other developers’ products like Pokémon. It is why, Cook added, that you see so many iPhones in the wild chasing Pokémon.

As the publication notes, Apple has likely been involved with augmented reality way before the Pokémon craze grew legs. Indeed, most major tech players have been toying with the concept of AR for at least the past decade. In early 2008, for example, I sat in the audience at Microsoft’s CES keynote and watched as Bill Gates demonstrated augmented reality features his company was working on “for the future.”

Perhaps above all others, Apple has the perfect platform in place to support augmented reality. Its last few iPhones have come equipped with powerful 64-bit processors which are only going to become more powerful in future revisions.

Apple has also been scooping up both talent and technology via acquisitions for quite some time, picking up PrimeSense in 2013, Metaio last May, Perceptio in October, Faceshift a month later and Emotient early this year, just to name a few.

Considering that Apple is now willing to talk publicly - albeit sparingly - about its involvement in AR could signal that a consumer product is nearing completion (or maybe Cook just wants to reassure investors that they have forward-looking products in the pipeline).