In the unlikely event that you need to build a bionic arm out of an ordinary kitchen appliance and you have, oh, I dunno... around 200 hours to spare, then this video is for you.

Independent security researcher Evan "treefort" Booth notes in the description of the video that he used a single Keurig K350 to construct the bionic arm (the only non-Keurig items used were adhesive and a 12v external power supply) in addition to common tools like a heat gun, rotary tool and so forth.

While the time-lapse video makes it go by much faster, Booth says he spent a whopping 199 hours, 56 minutes and 36 seconds on the project. It may not be as over-the-top as something from the likes of British maker Colin Furze but it's impressive in its own right, especially when you consider that he had to carve everything out of the Keurig's plastic chassis.

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