Back when Windows 10 and the revamped Windows Store launched, Microsoft wanted to bolster their collection of games through first-party titles. Quantum Break was one such game, which is why it launched in February as a Windows 10 and Windows Store exclusive.

In what shouldn't surprise long time PC gamers, making Quantum Break exclusive to Windows 10's app store wasn't a successful move by Microsoft. The company admitted several months ago that the game wasn't their best release, which is why it will be coming to Steam and a retailed boxed copy in September.

Bringing Quantum Break to Steam is the right move. The games marketplace is by far the biggest on PC, and the gaming community often frowns upon releases that are exclusive to other stores. Had Microsoft released the title onto Steam alongside the Windows Store to begin with, they could have potentially avoided a weak launch while giving the game more exposure.

In any case, Quantum Break will be available to purchase through Steam from September 14 at a new price of $40. The game will no longer require Windows 10 or DirectX 12, so gamers running Windows 7 (64-bit) or newer will be able to enjoy the action-adventure shooter. All the patches that fixed numerous technical issues with the game will also be included in the Steam version.

Those who want to purchase a boxed copy of Quantum Break will be able to do so from September 14 as well. The five-disc release does require a one-time Steam activation, however the game also comes with a companion book, soundtrack CD, some posters, and a 'making of' documentary on Blu-ray.