Back in 2007, game developer and publisher THQ’s revenues hit a company record of $1 billion dollars. Yet despite being responsible for series such as Saints Row, Dawn of War, and Red Faction, the firm filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and auctioned off its assets a year later. But now the THQ name is returning.

Rival companies such as Sega, Take 2, and Ubisoft snapped up many of THQ’s properties, with one lesser-known firm – Nordic Games – grabbing the likes of Supreme Commander, Red Faction, and the criminally-underrated Darksiders, along with the THQ trademark that allows the studio to publish games under the THQ name. Now, Nordic Games has become THQ Nordic.

In a departure from the usual stale press releases, CEO Lars Wingefors said in a statement: “One could say the most defining moment for our company happened in 2013, grabbing headlines like; ‘Who the F*** is Nordic Games?’, ‘Darksiders Gets Bought By…Nordic Games?’ and ‘Nordic Games explains who the f they are, plans for THQ assets.’”

Whilst we take great pride in our Swedish roots and accomplished a great deal under the Nordic Games masthead, we decided it was time to incorporate the THQ name. Those key brands will continue to shape our business in a meaningful way going forward, and THQ Nordic represents a core approach of doing much more than ‘owning’ a highly competitive portfolio of IPs.

We cherish them, and align them with the very best development resources to expand upon them with the level of experience that communities and established fan bases expect and deserve. With this rebrand we are entering the next phase in our company’s evolution.

THQ Nordic says it has 23 games in development, 13 of which have yet to be announced. Wingefors said the majority of these are based on former THQ IPs and franchises.

The company is already set to release a remastered Darksiders on October 25 this year, which includes 4K support and “additional video options” in the PC version, so there’s a good chance one of its unannounced games could be Darksiders 3. There may also be new entries for Red Faction, Supreme Commander, Titan Quest, and MX vs ATX.

Here’s a list of all THQ Nordic properties acquired from THQ.

  • Darksiders
  • De Blob
  • Deadly Creatures
  • Destroy All Humans!
  • Frontlines: Fuel of War
  • Full Spectrum Warrior
  • Juiced
  • MX vs ATV
  • Red Faction
  • Stuntman
  • Summoner
  • The Outfit
  • Titan Quest