For a limited time, TechSpot readers can get 3 years of protection from Dashlane Premium and Hotspot Shield Elite for only $69.99, or 61% off.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars by PC Mag, Hotspot Shield Elite offers top-tier VPN protection without any clunky interfaces. This premium service lets you surf the web anonymously from any of its 20 virtual locations around the world. You can also access geo-blocked content, letting you enjoy streaming services like Netflix wherever you are.

Meanwhile, Dashlane Premium ensures that your password security is on lockdown. No matter how many login credentials you have, it secures all your passwords in a military-grade encrypted vault, and helps you generate strong new ones via a random password generator. And with an automated sign-in function, you'll easily be able to log into your favorite sites with no problem.

Together, three years of Dashlane and Hotspot Shield would be priced at $179.91. But with this deal you can get a three-year subscription for only $69.99, or 61% off retail.