Less than two weeks after eliminating "confusing" data plans and moving to a single, unlimited data option, T-Mobile has modified its new plan to offer additional perks (some of which come at a premium).

If you recall, T-Mobile One offers unlimited talk, text and data although streaming video is limited to standard definition quality. What's more, tethering is limited to just 2G speeds which, in today's data-intensive, connected world, is virtually unusable. Subscribers can opt for HD-quality streams for an additional $25 and pick up a 5GB bucket of high-speed tethering for $15 a pop.

Needless to say, these restrictions and options didn't go over well with users.

On Monday, the carrier said it was quadrupling the speeds of its mobile hotspot, boosting it from 128kbps to 512kbps (still slow but at least somewhat usable for basic tasks). T-Mobile also introduced a one-day HD pass which grants the ability to stream video in HD quality for a full day for $3.

The bigger news, however, is the new T-Mobile One Plus add-on. For an additional $25 per month (the same cost as the HD upgrade before), users can get unlimited HD day passes, unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspots and 2x faster (unlimited) data speeds - from 128kbps to 256kbps) while traveling abroad.

This adds a lot more value to the upgrade, making it one that users are much more likely to take advantage of. It's worth pointing out that T-Mobile's definition of "unlimited" data is 26GB or less in a given month. If you exceed this threshold, your usage will be "de-prioritized" during times of network congestion.

The new T-Mobile One plan was scheduled to go live on September 6 but Team Magenta has moved the launch date up to September 1.