It’s a little late for spring cleaning but that’s exactly what Apple plans to do with its App Store in the near future.

In an e-mail distributed to developers, Apple said it now has more than two million apps available with 100,000 new and updated apps submitted each week. In order to make it easier for customers to find the apps they need and want, Apple as of September 7 will begin implementing a couple of changes.

Apple will soon begin the process of identifying apps that no longer function as intended, are outdated or don’t follow current review guidelines. As part of the process, Apple will notify the offending apps’ developers and give them 30 days to bring their apps up to date.

Apps that crash upon launch, however, will be removed immediately.

In the earlier days of the App Store, Apple loved nothing more than to tout its gaudy numbers. These days, however, that’s not necessary as people know Apple is home to one of the top App Stores alongside Google Play.

In related news, Apple will also put in place a character length limit of 50 characters for an app’s name in response to some developers that have been gaming the system by creating extremely long app names with loads of keywords in hopes of boosting search visibility.

Developers interested in learning more about the App Store changes are invited to check out this FAQ on the matter.

Image courtesy ymgerman, Shutterstock