Tech-first smartwatch manufacturers are still trying to find a formula that works. Having taken the futuristic, high-tech approach early on with limited success, some have turned to more refined designs that look less "nerdy" and more elegant while others look to health and fitness for inspiration.

Meanwhile, something interesting has been happening in the traditional watch industry. Rather than newcomers trying to craft a smartwatch from the ground up, we're seeing veteran watchmakers and established fashion icons inject a bit of intelligence into traditional timepieces.

The latest from the fashion industry comes courtesy of Michael Kors. The luxury fashion brand's new his and hers Access smartwatches, first unveiled back in March, run Android Wear and connect to both Android and iOS devices.

Access smartwatches feature the usual app notifications, text and e-mail alerts and social media updates as well as basic fitness tracking and voice-activated functionality in a variety of color options.

The two camps are working towards the same goal of creating an intelligent timepiece, they're just leaning on two very different backgrounds to go about it. Devices from tech firms will no doubt have better technical specifications and more functionality but at the cost of aesthetics, brand recognition and perhaps build quality (as Engadget confirms, the Michael Kors watches have lackluster displays).

The new Michael Kors Access smartwatches are available as of writing both online and in stores with pricing starting at $350.